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Free Moving Guide

Get your free moving guide today.

We are pleased to offer you our free moving guide, a humorous light hearted look through the eye’s of a furniture mover at the dos and don’t s of shifting house.

With over twenty years of experience in the moving Industry I have seen just about every mistake or great idea a client can have or do, from the glaringly obvious to the downright ninja sneak attack.

Having witnessed some real failures and triumphs I have decided to write a short book detailing all the insights I have gleaned over the years, I have also dredged the minds and thoughts of a number of other furniture movers to uncover their hidden pearls of wisdom when it comes to moving .

So for the first time ever I am pleased to offer you this guide to moving, this empirical methodology of getting all the ingredients mixed in exactly the right proportions to concoct the perfect mix of preparation, foreknowledge and common sense, I call it

‘the science of moving’


Download your free PDF copy here

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Also feel free to check out our free moving cost calculator, its not a quotation tool but it does give you a general rule of thumb when trying to work out a likely price range for your move.

Click here to try out our free moving cost calculator

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Moving cost calculator