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Movers Auckland Group, Furniture Removal Company in Auckland

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Movers Auckland Group is a Group of highly skilled furniture Removalists moving Auckland households throughout Auckland.

we take extreme pride in providing the best service for all of our clients, whilst providing a value for money service. we know moving House in Auckland can be and often is quite stressful, it’s very important to us that all our guys are friendly, courteous, respectful, strong and flexible.

Here at Movers Auckland Group we only use the most professional Movers that must undergo a number of different tests to qualify, not only the basics like is there truck ready to move, has the truck got all the trollies, tool box, furniture blankets, furniture ties.

But one of the most important thing we are looking for is attitude, there is nothing worse than movers that turn up to a job grumpy or just lazy.

Our movers are super friendly, super fit and love their job.

Even if you’re not moving a house lot we are more than happy to do trade me pick-ups, we can supply 2 men and a truck anywhere in Auckland for as little as $150. This includes one hour on site or one hour picking up that single item. Certain terms and conditions apply of course. Moving a spa pool in and around Auckland would cost slightly more and require more movers. next time you need movers in Auckland give us a go.


movers Auckland mover Arthur moving boxes in to our Auckland based truck.

Our Friendly movers in Auckland on a big move.


Movers Auckland guys Moving Preadator for

Movers Auckland Moving life sized Predator for Mansion

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Aucklands movers ready to move you around Auckland,

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Movers Auckland ready to move


movers Auckland has been moving Auckland families for over 15 years, we have experienced movers that havehad extensive on site training, Ours movers are friendly safe and reliable, we price ourselves on making your move a stress free experience. when moving in Auckland there are so many moving companies to choose from, We believe nothing beats on the job experience.


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Free Moving Guide

Get your free moving guide today.

We are pleased to offer you our free moving guide, a humorous light hearted look through the eye’s of a furniture mover at the dos and don’t s of shifting house.

With over twenty years of experience in the moving Industry I have seen just about every mistake or great idea a client can have or do, from the glaringly obvious to the downright ninja sneak attack.

Having witnessed some real failures and triumphs I have decided to write a short book detailing all the insights I have gleaned over the years, I have also dredged the minds and thoughts of a number of other furniture movers to uncover their hidden pearls of wisdom when it comes to moving .

So for the first time ever I am pleased to offer you this guide to moving, this empirical methodology of getting all the ingredients mixed in exactly the right proportions to concoct the perfect mix of preparation, foreknowledge and common sense, I call it

‘the science of moving’


Download your free PDF copy here

Crazy scientistist with a moving truck in the background

Click here for your free e-book

Also feel free to check out our free moving cost calculator, its not a quotation tool but it does give you a general rule of thumb when trying to work out a likely price range for your move.

Click here to try out our free moving cost calculator

pic of a calculator Movers Auckland

Moving cost calculator