You Name it we’re moving it!

Over the years the boys at Movers Auckland have not only become experts in moving furniture around Auckland, but from time to time we are called upon to move the not so usual to the downright strange! These are just a few of our more unusual items!

Can't get hold of arnie? No worries, The boys over at fast track will take apart any predators that may be causing you grief!

This larger than life Predator made entirely out of automobile parts weighed in at over a thousand kilos. The Movers Auckland boys assessed the situation, dismantled it then moved it with only four men and a truck! Other movers used cranes and charged thousands.

Jame's, The carts at the course are to slow! Be a good chap and get the boys over at fasttrack to bring down some faster ones will you!

Cape Kidnappers carts not quick enough for you? No problems we can move Yamaha’s best carts in the country, anywhere you need!

At the end of a hard days work, the boys have been known to have beer or two! (no bears where harmed in the making of this pic, plenty of beers were later on though.) Grizzly was ok too, though he suffered a mild hang over the next day! If you think the vase is big, you should of seen the flowers.... When moving antiquities you want to ensure that you call the people who know the value of your items! This particular item is over two hundred years old.






Movers Auckland has moving partnerships with a number of successful Auckland Business’s, Here’s what Some of them have to say about the Movers Auckland moving service:

“It was so easy…

the guys were really flexible. They moved everything perfectly and it was a whole lot cheaper than many other moving companies.
Jack Tame

“Loving your work matey!”

Billy Bowden
(world famous cricket umpire)

“Dear crew,

Thank you very much for your prompt response and efforts in moving our very cumbersome commercial refrigerators. Your speed and appraisal of the situation and what was needed to move them quickly was much appreciated. Your care, quick thinking, speed and attention to detail helped us move with much less worry and effort. Anyone needing to move large refrigerators or other awkward furniture will be in good hands using you. Thank you again”.

Kevin Lind
Artisan wine suppliers

“Ben and Arthur ,

were our preferred movers after an introduction through the staging of our property sale process. They were professional as expected but were also personable, caring interested and meticulous in attention to detail. Nothing was a problem and true to form nothing was damaged as they moved both our family home and our daughters flat with a detour to our sons house as well. We have some special pieces from around the world including valuable and heavy pottery which were handled brilliantly. I have the up most trust in these gentlemen who were a pleasure to have in our properties and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for this line of work”.

Russ Hewitt
Company Director

“I was shooting a film,

and we had to move but the guys took great care of my family. They were fast, friendly AND they were Westies! Would definitely use them again”.

Tammy Davis (aka Munter)

“I really cannot fault the high level of service and respect that this company shows,

to its customers and their property. Being the owner and operator of a high end retail showroom, we have used fast track to move very fragile and expensive items on a regular basis including but not limited to antique mirrors, large shell work, and artwork. The first thing you will notice when meeting the guys¬† is that they are genuine and friendly, they display a high level of pride in there work, and have a strong work ethic. When i want something moved, i want it moved safely, quickly, and by people I trust. Thank you guys you provide a very valuable service”.

Les Viskovich

“Every school holidays they move our theatre sets,

props and lights to and from the PumpHouse Theatre. Ben and Arthur and the rest of the team are friendly and always willing to help. And boy, they’re strong – have seen them lift the heaviest of things, and nothing fazes them. They’re good natured, always up for a laugh and they pack their truck carefully and compactly. Thanks for all your kind and generous support of our shows.

Tim Bray