Movers Auckland are committed to maintaining value for money while not
compromising on quality for our customers.

  • All our trucks come with two men, furniture blankets and various types of trolleys
  • travel fees vary depending on location and time of day but we charge base to base.
  • Certain parts of the greater Auckland area will incur additional travel time
  • Long Haul and out of town jobs advised upon quotation

25 cubic meter, (From single items up to standard 3 bedroom houselots):

Mon-Wed $110 p/Hr including Thurs-Sat $115.00 p/Hr including

35 cubic meter*, (larger 3 bedroom houses and up) with tail lifter:

Mon-Wed $110 p/Hr including Thurs-Sat $115.00 p/Hr including

Larger trucks are available on request
*Please remember that larger trucks require more space for house access, sometimes two trips in a smaller truck door to door ends up taking less time than negotiating long driveways with heavy items!

*Sundays and Public holidays $165 p/Hr including.

Contract of carriage and insurance:

We have an exceptional record of care because we exercise the utmost standards and professionalism while transporting your possessions, however there are occasionally exceptions to the rules and there are also circumstances that fall outside of everyone’s ability to control such as natural disasters, road accidents etc. So if insurance is something you require for peace of mind we have the following advice to give.

All contracts of carriage entered into with Movers Auckland Group are by default entered into under our standard published contract of carriage* and may only be upgraded by purchasing either our premium “at carriers risk” or “declared terms” contracts which comply with the ‘Contract and Commercial law act 2017’ (please see our terms and conditions for the full requirements of both policies).

At Carriers risk:  Carriers liability is limited to $2,000 for each unit of goods. A “carriers risk” contract requires certain customer provisions under the act such as warranty of goods being packed adequately and appropriately for travel, it is widely accepted in past precedents that self packed items by customers to not meet the requirement. paying professional packers to do a simple cross town move may not be the best option for every day households (however valuable items maybe a consideration for our packing services and a declared value or reasonable terms contract maybe a viable option).

Declared terms: We can negotiate! A declared terms contract is perfect for situations where you might want to have some items insured against damage but the rest of your items you are happy to have carried at your own risk. Give our friendly operator a call if you want to talk about negotiating a declared terms contract.

Specialist transit insurance policies: Standard home insurance policies don’t cover your goods while being moved by a third party.

For specialist third party transit insurance we recommend ringing around to get the best price, the usual price range is between 1 and 2 percent of the total insured value.

We recommend you ask the following questions:

Are there any exclusions? Such as self packed items (you maybe able to have exclusions waived by premium adjustments)

Is the cover “replacement” or “indemnity”

Does a higher excess result in a lower premium or vice versa


We recommend making an itemized inventory of all your valuable items, recording serial numbers and even taking photos. You should attribute a value to each item. The value you set will depend on if you have replacement or indemnity cover and as always should be realistic to avoid arguments and hold ups should you ever have to make a claim.

Normal transit policies do not cover cash or valuable documents such as passports and birth certificates, we recommend that in all instances you should carry these items yourself at all times.

Consumer dot org has more information on how to keep your possessions covered while moving:

House and contents insurance

*“These goods are to be carried at owner’s risk. This means that the carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless the carrier intentionally loses or damages them.” more information in our terms and conditions