Moving Products

On this page you will find moving products such as boxes, bubble wrap, mattress and furniture covers, moving blankets for storage etc. We also from time to time come across great deals on used furniture and appliances so we list them here.

If you would like us to keep an eye out for something you need, leave us a comment on the contact page. As movers we are always dealing with people who are moving around Auckland on a daily basis so we are on the front end of the opportunity to purchase used items at awesome prices. We are weekly offered deals on lounge furniture such as couches, suites, coffee tables, entertainment units and all manor of bedroom furniture, beds, tallboys, dressers etc. We are also asked if we would like to buy fridges freezers, washer, dryers etc. Ordinary household furniture items are just the start of what we can offer, there are a myriad of other items that people want to part with when they are moving so if you are looking for something then please do leave us a note and we will see if we can broker it for you at a Johnny on the spot rate, before it hits trade me!