Terms and Conditions

Movers Auckland Terms and Conditions


Movers Auckland Group as the contracting carrier (Movers Auckland) agrees to enter into a contract of carriage with any and all contracting parties under the following terms and conditions:

All goods and contracts will be subject to the provisions of the Contract and Commercial Law act 2017 and any other relevant acts such as the HSNO act 2015 in relation to carriage of restricted items.


All sight unseen quotation’s will be given on an estimation basis in accordance with the information you provide us, we reserve the right to charge at our normal rates for extra time incurred by:

  • bad access to the property or dwelling that was not declared
  • furniture disassembly that was not declared
  • waiting time due to the items not being in a ready state for transport.
  • stalled property hand overs.
  • excessive amount of possession’s which are beyond the reasonable norm for similar size houses.
  • extra travel incurred for detours requested on the day.

Not withstanding all of the above, a ‘phone estimation’ or ‘ball park’ figure or an online estimation from our estimation tool shall at no time constitute a quotation from Movers Auckland.  Movers Auckland will only be bound by a current written quotation that is accompanied by a contract for carriage which has been signed by both parties or their respective agents.


Movers Auckland operates a C.O.D. (cash on delivery service), we do not under any circumstance extend credit to customers unless they hold an account with us or by strict prior arrangement in writing. This means that any invoices that are produced are due upon receipt.

You the contracting party (the customer) agree to make payment immediately upon completion of the job by means of cash, eftpos or bank transfer.

We will provide to your email inbox  an automated invoice that is generated immediately upon completion of the job, the invoice will declare receipt of payments received.

Any disputes or claims are to be settled through the appropriate channels and do not constitute a reason to withhold payment upon completion.


The customer will undertake to be present or represented throughout the entirety of the move and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is removed or left behind in error , we will not be liable for any return trips that arise from accidental loading of goods or left behind items. You will ensure that all items are in a reasonable and ready state for removal. Insurance is the responsibility of the customer.

Health and safety:

Movers Auckland carriers and employees are at all times required to adhere to our health and safety policy. We reserve the right to refuse to carry out any tasks that contravene our policy or the applicable acts.

The customer will not ask any Movers Auckland carrier or employee to lift any item that exceeds the safe weight for more than two men to carry, heavy items and specialist move items such as pianos, spa pools, pool tables, marble tables etc will be subject to a specialist move rate and will require the employment of extra movers and equipment.

The customer will inform Movers Auckland prior to any move commencing, if they have heavy items that may require a specialist move, failure to do so may result in the item not being loaded into the truck or extra fees on the day of moving.

The customer will undertake not to load any boxes beyond a maximum full weight of 20 kilos per unit.

Drugs, disputes and criminal activity

The customer will inform Movers Auckland if any property involved in the contract of carriage has been used in the manufacture of illegal drugs, failure to inform Movers Auckland will result in the customer becoming liable for the decontamination of Movers Auckland vehicles and uniforms.

The customer has an obligation to inform Movers Auckland of any criminal activity and or any domestic or property disputes that may surface in the course of a contract.

The customer shall be liable for the arrangement and all costs associated with security.

Excluded Items

The following Items shall be considered permanently excluded from any default contract of carriage and may only be carried under a “declared terms” contract;

  • Petrol oil and any kind of petroleum distillate
  • Paint and solvents
  • Engine parts
  • Pets
  • compressed gas cylinders
  • explosives
  • unsecured firearms and live ammunition
  • illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • any substance that is restricted under the HSNO act

Damage resulting to property or life resulting from the customers failure to declare any of the above items will result in any contract of carriage becoming null and void and the customer shall be liable for any and all cost associated.


At owners risk:

By default all contracts with Movers Auckland shall be on a “owners risk” basis as per the Contract and commercial Law act 2017, the terms of which shall be as follows:

“These goods are to be carried at owner’s risk. This means that the carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless the carrier intentionally loses or damages them.”

Carriers Liability:

For an extra fee a contract can be upgraded to a carriers liability, under such a contract the following conditions must be satisfied:

Contracting party to warrant condition of goods and compliance with enactments: “the goods are fit to be carried and stored in accordance with the contract in the condition, and packed in the manner, in which the goods are tendered for carriage”


  • The goods must be packed appropriately for carriage.
  • Movers Auckland does not accept self packaged items by customers as being acceptably packed for carriage.
  • Goods must be packed by Movers Auckland or an itemized inventory as proof of professional packing, must be supplied prior to the goods being loaded onto the truck.


Declared Terms:

“A contract can be a contract for carriage on declared terms only if the contract:

(a)  is freely negotiated between the parties; and

(b) is in writing; and

(c)  is signed by the parties or their agents.”

For a negotiated price on a case by case basis, a declared terms contract with Movers Auckland can be sort and tendered so long as the contract is in writing and is signed by both parties.

All goods covered under a declared terms contract must be appropriately packaged for transport.

Damage to property other than goods to be transported under contract:

Movers Auckland shall not be held liable for damage to any property or services in the course of undertaking a contract in the instance of a customers instruction, such as being told to drive on grass verges damaging lawns or underground services.

At all times Movers Auckland carriers shall exercise best practises and standards to avoid damage to property but due to the inherent risk involved in moving furniture inside of houses, Movers Auckland shall not be held accountable for superficial damage to houses, such as scratches on walls, floors, door entries etc.

Substantial damages such as holes in walls or broken windows:

Movers Auckland carriers or employees shall not be liable for substantial damage to houses in the following instances;

  • The damage was as the result of a customers instruction
  • The damage was wholly unavoidable, such as failure of defective items not fit for purpose giving way ( rotten railing, slippery tiles and stairs, defective furniture breaking apart etc).

In the instance of substantial damage occurring due to negligence by an Auckland Movers carrier or employee, Movers Auckland undertakes to rectify the damage to a tradesmen like standard within a reasonable timeframe.

Disputes and claims:

Any disputes and claims are to be reported to Movers Auckland immediately upon discovery and are to be made in writing no later than 30 days from the date of the incident.

The notice in writing must:

  • give specific details of the claim (booking number, date, damaged items, values etc)