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Get Auckland moving quotes

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Moving in Auckland?


This is the site for you, if you are looking to find moving quotes in Auckland then please read on for some important information that could save you significant headaches.

Before you start filling out online forms and requesting quotations please consider the following advice in moving, with over 20 years in the Auckland moving industry we have developed a keen sense of understanding when it comes to giving an indication of likely cost.

Moving is not an exact science and there are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your move, such as;

  • Access, can a truck fit down your driveway? are there long path ways or stairs to negotiate?
  • Is your house single story? double or even four stories?
  • do you have unusually heavy or large items that could take up valuable truck space?
  • Are you planning your move around property settlements?

There are other factors involved in quoting a moving job like time of day etc, the best way to get a handle on a likely cost is to pick up the phone and talk to a professional, our professional and friendly movers can give you a likely cost over the phone call. Call 0800-081-182 for a free no obligation quotation today

We have also developed a free E-book full of handy hints and tips as seen through a lighthearted and humorous recount of a furniture movers experience, an exert from the book:

You have more stuff than you realize: We get used to having our stuff around us and lose sight of the amount until we have to move, A general rule of thumb I have developed over the years is the 10/1 rule That is in general when estimating how big a truck is needed to shift a house I apply 1bedroom= 10 cubic meters, the exception are well organized 3 bedrooms that can quite often be
loaded quite well into a 25 cubic meter truck but with not so well packed or larger 3-5 bedrooms this rule normally always holds true.
Tip: shed as much weight as you can before you move, get a skip or trailer to the tip, give away or sell any non seasonal items you haven’t used in six months or more.

From: The Science of Moving

We have developed a rule of thumb estimation tool that you can use to get a ball park if your just curious: